Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shamrock Pick

Good morning friends and fellow crafters,

I am here to show you a quick (not quite done) project that I am making for work.  I've been commissioned by work to create some giveaways for St. Patty's Day and I am so excited about it.  I made something similar for Valentine's day and was asked to do it again for St. Patty's Day.  I love creating projects, especially for a purpose.  Now the opening sentence said "not quite done", but in fact the project is done, but I cannot show it all right now because there are going to be a few different posts for this project.  Which in turn means, you will have to keep checking back to see the entire finished project.

I started with rolling my Creative Paperclay® out between two skewers for an even thickness.  Then I cut the shamrocks out with a cookie cutter I got at Michael's for 99 cents.  I love a bargain.
Then I placed the skewers on the clay and pressed them into the clay and used white glue to attach them
and let them dry for 24 hours.
After all the shamrocks were dried, I cut the little stems out of the clay
and covered the skewers.
and sanded it after that dried completely.
Then I painted them green and used my stickles to outline them.
Now remember, there is more to this project, so if you are interested in the next phase you might want to come and check out my blog for future updates here.


Molossus said...

These are wonderful! I'm sorry I didn't comment sooner, but Blogger wouldn't let me!

Barbara Moore said...

Love the shamrocks! You did a great job on them. Can't wait to see the next project.

Hugs XX

Shelley said...

So cute! I work with paperclay also. I love it! Hugs, Shelley