Friday, March 23, 2012

Yooper Trolls™

By Amanda Marks

I have been making these since 1996 I can honestly say I haven't thought about them in 15 years.  I found an old box of slides and was going through them and found my Yooper Trolls™.  I decided to revisit them with Creative Paperclay®.

Step 1:  Tin foil Base
Step 2:  Cover in Clay
Step 3:  Add Eyes
Step 4:  Add Nose
Step 5: Add Mouth
Step 6:  Add Ears, Legs and Arms
Step 7:  Add Hands and Feet
Step 8:  Add Butt
Step 9:  Add Hair and Facial Hair with a Modified Needle Tool
Step 10:  Allow to Dry.  Paint and Add to a Base.


Jingle said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Debbie Buckland said...

Oh now he is absolutely gorgeous!
Love him heaps

Barbara Moore said...

Now that's a troll all right! LOL