Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to create a Creative Paperclay® Art Dolls Hollow Head

Full instructions to create a Creative Paperclay® A Hollow Art Doll Head

Here I had made a few big BJD or Art Doll heads. Now in order to be able to make more with less is not that difficult.Now when you in a budget you find creative ways to save and reuse. 
Now I came with a easy technique to create hollow Creative Paperclay art doll heads that will help you save time, material and money.

I done many dolls in the past and discover that the weight is key on the finish product so after some trial and errors I find this is the easier way to get it done so let me show you now how this is done.

Creative Paperclay Material®
Smooth Styrofoam Half Spheres
Plastic sheet
Clay roller
Hobby or Xacto knife
Sand papers
Aluminum Foil

Cover the soft Styrofoam with a plastic sheet.

Roll the clay into an even  1/4 thickness sheet.

Cover the half Styrofoam ball with the clay and using your hands smooth it all over the form.

Cut any excess clay off . Make sure the clay is flat and flushed with the edges of the ball.
do these steps again and set them both half aside to dry over night.

Now that is dry you can remove your Smooth Styrofoam half sphere off by pulling it off by the plastic sheet. 
Now if the plastic sheet breaks off and you can not pull the Creative Paperclay® half don't panic here I will show you a TIP to help you remove the foam.

TIP: To remove the stuck Creative Paperclay® half  go to your silverware drawer and pick you stronger fork and stab the foam ball in an angle. This will give you leverage to pull the foam right off the dry clay form. 
Now little by little pull from side to side until POP! 
You will end up with the 2 half for your BJD or art doll head.

Like in here you can see the 2 half ready to be assemble into one big hollow head.

Fell free to remove the foam and set it aside to be use again and again .
I love this technique because I don't have to buy so many Soft Styrofoam balls I can reuse and reuse the one I already got.

Now to complete your full head is pretty simple.
Either using you hobby knife cut any big excess an with the sand paper leave both ends flushed flat.
I cut a hole on the back of the head for easier assemble to the body and to allow me to add more clay to join the both half together. 

Fit the head together add some fresh clay all around the head and inside the head and let it dry. This will secure the both half creating the one hollow BJD or art doll head. 

Now you can create the head cap and make sure it fits just right I use aluminum foil to keep the 2 part separate while making I'm adding more clay and the foil will keep it from sticking but at the same time will help you create the perfect fit doll head cap.

Move around and add clay were you feel it need it.
Set it to the side to dry and you will have a one full OOAK doll head ready for you to customized it to fit your dolly words needs.

This technique can be used over and over in many styles and sizes.

I hope this help you create cute big head dolls with out the waste and over weight.

Stay tune for more Creative Paperclay® tutorials and tips. Feel free to ask questions by leaving your comment below or email me at Gloriann Irizarry  Stay tune for more wonderful ideas and for inspiration browse your Creative Paperclay blog it is full of great artist with many tutorial and tips.

My friends now lets always remember to always have fun while crafting. Blessing!


Meme said...

Very interesting, I am going to try this.
Thanks for sharing!

Primmomoftwins said...

I am confused what purpose the "cap" is actually for? I am new to this. I see that your two halves actually are three pieces? Can you elaborate? Thanks for sharing your creativity!

www.byglori.com said...

Sure thing.
You make the two half of the circle and let it dry.

Remove the foam cores out.

The head cap allow you to adhere the 2 caps securely by placing more clay from the inside so the circle form doesn't get all distort and the 2 pieces attached solid.

Also if your are doing a ball jointed doll a head cap allows you access to the inside so you can remove the dolls head or if it has eyes sockets to removed the glass or acrylics eyes and be able to customize her to your like :) I will find more photos and update the article.
Feel free to ask any more questions. I can also be reach at Facebook, twitter and Instagram under @byglori.com