Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New twist to The Scream (Skrik) 3D Wall Art by Gloriann Irizarry

Hola my dear friends, collectors and followers. I wanted to share with you guys my latest 3D wall art piece I made for a special challenge by Every Witch Way Lane group #EWWL managed by my friend Parick Gill
Now I wanted to share the progress and how this piece took shape.
 I will explain with photos and instructions how to do a 3D wall art.

Creative Paperclay
Aluminum foil
Water bottle spray
3M sponge sanders
Acrylic Paints
Genesis heat set paint
Hobby Xacto knife
Clay roller
Pliers tool
Fast Grab Tacky Glue
16 x 20 Canvas

I start all my 3D Shapes with the core made out to aluminum foil.

Slowly I sculpt the shape with the foil.

When you are shaping your aluminum foil make sure you make a flat surface.

Add more aluminum foil and keep shaping the form by pressing with your fingers or hammer tool.
Have in mind it can not be too tight so it is easier to be remove later from the 3D shape.

Roll out your Creative Paperclay into a 1/4 thickness big sheet.

Cover and shape your form.

cut any excess clay out.

Now I will add more clay around the eyes to reinforce and give the face 
some human  facial features .

I added more clay on the top of the head to make it look more natural.

To get a nice clean edge I use my Hobby knife and cut a nice edge all around the foil form and let it dry.

I need another 3D head . This time a cat so I do grab some aluminum foil and start shaping the cat head.

Roll a big Creative Paperclay sheet to 1/4 thickness and cover your cat aluminum foil.

 Press the clay all around the new cat head form.

Start the face shaping. I added the nose and the mouth.

Add more clay to the eyebrows and misting the clay with water smooth the edges out.

With the basic human head form already dry I can add more details. 
Add the nose and more eyebrow

Now you can also add more clay around the lips and shape the mouth open.

Roll a clay sheet into a 1/4 thickness and cut the ear shapes.

Add  the ears and smooth the edges with water mist.

I wanted to give the face more expression so I added more clay to the eyebrows and shape them.

Now to give the face some cheekbones with more clay. Then press and smooth.

Added more Creative Paperclay to eyebrows, cheeks and the nose. Moist and smooth in place.

I notice the right cheek need more paperclay.

I want for this face to have a big mouth. I rolled and paperclay snake and added to the mouth. 
Moist and smooth in place.

Add more clay to the eyebrow and ears of the cat and shape them in place.

Give you piece a final look and check to see if your satisfy. If not this is the time for you to add more or mark to be sanded off.

Now that your happy with your clay forms set them aside for them to completely dry

It is time to sand the head off. Do it in steps using your medium grit 3M sanding sponge.

Work your sanding grits from medium to fine.

Use your sanding sponges to smooth your sculpt.

I need a hat for this project so once more I gram more aluminum foil and start shaping a hat.

Rolled the clay again in to a 1/4 sheet  and cover the entire hat form . 
Cut any excess off with your hobby craft knife.

Smooth the clay around the hat form and shape it to your desired form before you let it dry.

You can tell the clay is wet by the darker tone. Once is dry it will be much lighter.

Now that the hat form is dry you can remove the aluminum foil with the set of pliers. slowly and very delicately pinch and remove. Now this is the reason I suggest for you to make your form not so tight giving room  for you to be able to pinch and pulled a lot easier.

Add any final details to your hat and set to dry 

Now that the heads are dry the fun part begins. Paint the head in a black acrylic base. 

For the head I used the Genesis heat set oil paints. Paint the base in skin color and heat set following the manufacturer instructions .

I like the Genesis oil paints because it will not dry until you heat set them in place.
with a light dry brush technique paint the eyes in.

Add more details to the nose, mouth, cheeks, ears and forehead.

Add more details to the cat  and the hat using the same technique in the head.
Let the paint completely dry and seal it with your favorite spray sealer . Set it aside to dry.

Grab some yarn and cut some strings to create the hair wig. 
Now to secure the strings I used fast grab Tacky Glue.

Now wait for the glue yarn to dry.

Now here is the fun part. Using the wonderful  1893 Painting The Scream (NorwegianSkrik) by Edvard Munch I create a template for my little 3D art twist.

 I sketched an out of control flying broomstick and place it to see if i like it . 

Trace in pencil lightly the scream on the canvas.  

Place the sculpted pieces to see where you want the final 3D art to be placed.

Add you modifications to The Scream sketch in pencil.

Keep adding more details until your satisfy with the look your trying to achieve.

Now use The Scream (NorwegianSkrik) has reference.

and begin to paint. I choose acrylics for the vibrant pigments and fast drying.

I use tons of brush strokes in different color of acrylics to give this piece the feeling or the original The Scream (NorwegianSkrik) by Edvard Munch. let it dry completely.

Use your Arleenes Fast Grab Tacky Glue and secure your sculpted pieces in place

Close up detail of the added black cat.

Closer look of the glued sculpted head.

Hats closer look.

Flowing wig closer look

Final pieces ready to be hanged. 

Little by little this nice 3D wall art took shape and now you have a new twist to the 1893 The Scream (NorwegianSkrik) by Edvard Munch

Getting ready early for the fall season has never been better and with a few steps here and there you can create a nice 3D wall art for you to display. 

I hope you enjoy this project andfeel free to click email me and send me a line or just drop a comment below for us. I will gladly answer any questions or concern you have about this project. 
Take care and has always let have fun crafting.

brought to you by my friends at Creative Paperclay Materials and Gloriann Irizarry .


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Thank you for sharing in detail your work. i will try the 3M sanders. i apreciate this information as i had become frustrated with my sanding. God Bless YOU