Thursday, August 14, 2014

Make a Fun Creative Paperclay® Bowl

The universe brings interesting ways to bring art into your life. I bought a huge bag of oranges the other day and figured I couldn't eat them all so I wrapped Creative Paperclay® around the top of the orange to make a small bowl. It is great to use for incense, to hold rings or ????

Creative Paperclay®
Paint or metallic rub
Orange Creative Paperclay® is rolled out then laid on top of an orange. Pat down to mold shape.

Next stamp with a doilie to give it a pattern. Obviously you can use whatever pattern is your favorite.
Roll a coil of the clay to make a base for your bowl. Then let the clay dry thoroughly. Either cut the orange off (and eat it) or let it dry out and shrink.


I painted the inside gold to pick up the orange's dimpling. The outside was stained brown with a gold rub added.

Thanks and hope you can find a place for this in your art.
—Darlene Olivia McElroy

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linda hess said...

so funny, great minds think alike. I was just thinking about using the Creative PaperClay to make a ring bowl! I love the idea of an orange for texture. Super simple, but oh so eye catching