Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Prop Fall Decoration Decapitated Vampire Head by LuLu Lancaster

Hello and Happy Fall! This is LuLu lancaster and I have a spooky cool Project for you.
This is really simple and can be made in a day :)

All you need is a craft store styrofoam head, 
Creative PaperClay®
Acrylic paints~I used brown, black, white and red

 a paint brush and Gesso
some cheesecloth for the base if you like :)

Start with a plain styro head

using acrylic paints that are watered down start shading the head
You want your paint to be nice and wet and stay wet ;)

once you have your shading done 

start guessing the head blending in the acrylic paint. Cover the entire head.
This will also give your clay something to grab ahold of.

Let the gesso dry completely.

Once dry start adding clay to the head. You will be creating hair so add clay in areas hair would be ;)

using your fingers drag the clay down the head to create the loom of hair. You can also use the end of your paintbrush to make "finer" hair.

Create two ear shapes out of clay and attach to the sides of the head.
You can easily do this with you fingers and some water or using the wrong end of your paintbrush.

create gangs with 2 small triangles of clay. 
create an upper lip by rolling a small lip size log. 
Attach with your finger and a little bit of water.
shape the lip by smoothing onto the head and allow to dry.

Once dry paint the hair and create eyebrows if you like :) I added a widows peek.

Once dry you can place on your table with a little cheesecloth loosely fitted around the base :D

Thank you so much for following along! I hope you have enjoyed this project and create some decapitated heads of your own!