Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tears Masquerade Mask Tutorial By Gloriann Irizary

Time to sculpt with Creative Paperclay® and with all these new products this sure will be a fun project full of ideas tips and tricks. Stay tune for the full tutorial .
Material List
Foam Mannequin Head
Water Bottle
Rolling Pin
Aluminum Foil
Paper Tape
Xacto or hobby knife
Paint Brushes
Sponge Sands
Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer
Start by covering the entire foam head with aluminum foil and masking tape.
Roll a clay sheet  inches thick.
Cover the entire foam head with the Creative PaperClay® sheet
and smooth the edges with water and fingertips.
Cut the mask in half while the Creative PaperClay®  still wet
to create two  even mask halves .Set them aside to completely dry .
Once is dry it should be easy to remove from the mannequin head thanks to
 the aluminum foil and masking tape used.
Make sure to be gentle removing the mask from the foam head due to the clay sheet be delicate.
Draw your eyes lines with a pencil.
To cut the eye sockets a lot easier drill a hole to introduce the Xacto or Hobby Knife.
Very carefully use your xacto or hobby knife and cut the drawn line off.
Now to sand the sockets and be precise use the  Sandits® to make the sockets finish complete.
Use the 3M Medium Sand to smooth the mask off.
Now that the Mask is all Medium sanded. Clean and remove any remaining dust.
Use the 3M Fine grain sand to finish the mask up. Make sure you remove any excess dust off.
To paint the mask Sun Flower yellow just  get your favorite brush wet and use the water color technique to start painting the piece little by little.
Here 2 layers were used to create a beautiful gold finish look. 
Painting the eye showdown Boysenberry.
Use the Vavoom red and paint the underneath of the eye. 2 layers were used here.
Add a pair of Vavoom Red lips to the mask and set it down to dry. 
To create the tears make sure you water down the African Jade and Sapphire on ice and slowly tilt the mask to make the tear run freely down.
Let the mask dry and then it will be ready for you to use your clear acrylic spray sealer.
Let it dry and the mask will be ready to wear or for home décor. The possibilities are endless .
Thank you kindly for viewing this tutorial is you have any questions feel free to contact me at my email Gloriann Irizarry or visit Creative PaperClay® Q & A Facebook Page
Gloriann Irizarry

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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

That is really neat! Now I have a new use for those old mannequin heads I have. Thanks.