Thursday, October 13, 2016

Altered Playing Card APC with Creative Paperclay Heart

APC w CPC Heart

First, cover the playing card with deli paper, map pages, book pages, artist paper like watercolor paper or scrapbook paper.  Add a small amount of Gesso to the playing cards. I prefer to create multiple APCs because sometimes I am not happy with the results. I have used two different sizes of playing cards for this project--a standard poker playing card and a dollar tree children's animal knowledge card.

I rolled out the clay and used a cookie cutter to get the size I wanted.  A PVC pipe is a great tool to for this but you can also use a rolling pin. 

Add acrylic paint to the playing cards. I normally use my fingers for this step. It is much easier so I don't have to get up to clean a paint brush in the middle of my process.

To add another layer by placing the cards under a 12 x 12 stencil and using a make up sponge to apply image to the cards. I have only done this a couple of times and learned this trick after watching one of Seth Apter short tutorials on his website. Very effective and I will be doing this often especially when I participate in a 52 deck swap.

I decided to use the animal knowledge card which is approximately 4 x 6 size.  I went around the edges with black paint to add another layer. Then I punch out a heart from a sheet of mono printed paper one of my students created for me. And then I painted the small wooden heart with red paint.  I added letters "faded" from my stash.

I finished it off by added some of the words from a Tim Holtz' product. However, you can use a word processing program to make your own words or cut them from book pages or magazine clippings. I really love the results. Thank you for checking out my project. Now, it's your turn.

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Seth said...

Looks amazing Kwantwell. Cool to see the stencil technique :-)