Monday, October 3, 2016

Let's create a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Banner

I love that fall has finally come to North Texas. Chilly mornings, an extra large cup of coffee, and crafting on my patio. Pure Heaven!!

My inspiration for today's project comes from a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead) festival in my town of Denton Texas.

When the first of October comes to north Texas you start to see tons of sugar skull decorations. Getting ready for the celebration this year, I decided to create a sugar skull banner incorporating Creative Paperclay® for my potion shelf.

 Supply list
Creative Paperclay Delight
Sugar skull  cookie cutter
Heavy cardboard banner
9" of 36" wide fabric
Black felt
Colored hemp cord
Decoupage for fabric glue
Flowers with skulls
Corn starch
Acrylic paint (white, black, neon blue, neon pink, light purple)
Tacky glue
Fabric pencil

Lets get started 

The skulls
  1.  Roll out your delight clay 1/4 inch. (Delight is much lighter than original paperclay and perfect for this type of banner)
  2. Dust the edge of your cookie cutter with corn starch
  3. Press cutter into clay. Lift out and lay flat piece on the table
  4. ( If you have a cookie cutter with details like mine, turn over the cutter and press the face imprint into clay)
  5. Make two more faces
  6. Set aside and let dry

    7. Paint the front and back of the skulls white and let dry
    8. Finish the features using your acrylic paints and set aside

The banner flags 
  1. Use one of the banner flags as a template 
  2. Lay fabric(wrong side up) on a table
  3. Using a ruler and a fabric pencil trace 1/4" edge extra around your template
  4. Glue the fabric on the cardboard.  
  5. Snip of the corners
  6. Put glue on the fabric edges and fold them over
  7. Using the template cut a piece of black felt and glue it on the back

     8. Take 3 strands of colored hemp and braid them together

   9. Thread the cord through the banner pieces. (leaving room for the skulls)
  10.Glue the skulls on the cords using tacky glue
  11.Glue the flowers to the banner using tacky glue

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you can be inspired to create a banner of your own.

Happy Creating,


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Sandi said...

I like the banner but I love those bottles! Can you show them more close up? Did you make them?