Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tori's Tip - DIY Glow-in the-Dark Clay

We've mentioned several times here on the Design Team that paint can be added to either Delight™ air dry modeling compound or Creative Paperclay® modeling material, but when considering your options don't forget about specialty paints.

You can make your own light weight, glow-in-the-dark clay just by putting some paint with Delight™ air dry modeling compound.  I mix mine by putting the clay in a baggie and squirting some of the paint in, then squishing it around until it's all mixed in.  Kids would love doing this in the semi-dark to watch how the paint mixes with clay and makes it all glow.

Roll out and cut letters, shape into ghosts, etc.

Thanks for joining me here again!  As always, play, experiment, and have fun!

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