Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fairy of Fall Canvas by Jenn DuBell

Hello There! Last time I posted I showed you some leaves I created using fondant extruders. Now I would like to show you what I created with them!
In addition to the Creative Paperclay® used to create the leaves, I also used Impressive Putty® Mold Making Putty and Delight® Air Dry modeling compound to create the fairy face.

 Clay Products Used:

Others Products Needed:
Black and white gesso
A doll face for molding
ink sprays
fondant extruder (leaves)
4x4 canvas

For this part, I used a doll head and taped back her hair. Follow the instructions on the putty package to mold her face. Once the mold was created and set, I molded the face using Delight®. Once the face was dry, I coated with heavy white gesso to prepare it for painting.

Next, I laid out my leaves around my face and took a picture for reference before placing on canvas.
Then I placed it on the 4x4 canvas and stacked leaves gluing in between with 3D Matte Gel adhesive.
Next, I added black gesso to leaves only, making sure to coat all areas of them and in between them as well. I let the gesso dry before the next step.
Using a dry brushing technique, I brushed over leaves lightly with white gesso and a brush.
Next, I added some metallic green sprays lightly to the leaves. Continue to add hues of green and red and some copper, drying in between.
Here is a close up of what the leaves look like once dry and colored.
As a final touch I added a rose gold paint over her face and painted her eyes and lips!
I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial! For all of your Creative Paperclay® be sure to visit the website here.
Creative Paperclay ® and Delight® are also available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's
To purchase Impressive Putty Mold Making Putty follow here.

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Cindy Porter said...

nice fairy piece.... love those leaves