Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Owl creative paperclay tutorial

Hi! This time we are going to sculpting a beatiful owl with Creative paper clay.
¡Lets have fun!.
Materials needed :
-Creative Paperclay
-Alumine foil
-Acrilyc paints
-250 sand paper
-Masking tape
1-Make a roll with alumin foil and cover it with a masking tape

2-Then cover it with the paperclay

3-Draw the next pattern:
4-Start with making tiny rolls and put them over the eyes.
5-Make some balls and put htem in the place.
6-Make ther nose with a roll
7-Put some big roll around the head.
8-Make the texture with a wood pencil
9-Put some rolls under the eyes.
10-Start to make the lace

11-Start making the Owl's feet with the wire in two sections like this:
12-Make this pattern for the wings

13-Now cover the Owl's feet with paper clay and  paste the wings to the body with some water

And now you can paint it like you want,here is mine!