Monday, August 14, 2017

How to make Butter Slime with Delight™ Clay and Contact Solution

Hi Friends:  Did you know that you can make Butter Slime with Delight™ Modeling Compound and Contact Solution?  It's pretty easy to do, and it makes your Slime flexible while still allowing it to hold it's shape - and it spreads like butter!  I really thought that Slime was just for kids, but I had so much fun making this Butter Slime - it made me laugh and giggle just playing with it!

Butter Slime

Here are some photos showing how well it holds it's shape:

Butter Slime Shapes

Butter Slime Pretzel

Earlier this month, Creative Paperclay® DT member Suzette used a recipe with Borax.  Today, I'm going to use a recipe with contact solution - something many of us may already have on hand.  I tried a couple of different recipes - here's the one that worked best for me:

Recipe:  Mix together the following ingredients in the order shown
1/2 cup white glue
1/2 cup water
Coloring medium / food color
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1-2 tablespoons Contact/Saline Solution - it must contain Boric Acid to work - add slowly until the Slime starts to pull away from the edges of the bowl

Remove from the bowl, then knead in:
1/4 cup Delight™ Modeling Compound


Directions: Please see my video tutorial for full details on making this Butter Slime:

Supply List:
Delight™ air dry modeling compound
white glue
Stampin' Up! Reinker - Brilliant Blue
baking soda
Contact/Saline Solution

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make Butter Slime with Delight™ and Contact Solution. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. Have a great, creative day! -Patti


Jan Conwell said...

Does it dry eventually, as clay should, or does it stay flexible?

Jan Conwell said...

Does it dry eventually, or stay flexible? I'd try it if it dried. Not if it stays flexible.

Cindy Porter said...

the kids will love this