Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Sculpt a Creative Paperclay Crown #artbygloricom

How to Sculpt a one of a kind Creative Paperclay Crown #artbygloricom

Welcome back to the Creative Paperclay® Blog. 
Hi! Its is Gloriann Irizarry here ready to inspire you and guide you to create a one of a kind gold crown to fit any great Queen or king. this project can be easy change in size to fit any of your crafting needs. I promise you that this project will be an easy to follow with step by steps instructions and full of photos to show you how easy is to complete this Creative Paperclay® Craft.

Krylon Metallic Gold Spray Paint
White paper 
Acrylic Rhinestone
Cement Glue

To start the project grab the size A4 piece of white paper and folded in half.
Draw your desired crown or trace your pattern and cut any excess paper out to create your template.

Unfold the crown template flat and make sure the trim shape is the desired one. Remember this is how the final crown will end up so make sure is all clean and trimmed.

Roll the clay flat on the surface of the table. Make sure is thicker than 1/4 anything less and the crown will be too fragile. The thickness will also depend on the size of the final piece. Remember the bigger the crown the thicken it should be.

Place your paper cut template down. I like to moist the template paper and then use the roller to secure it in place.

To cut the Creative Paperclay® shape I like to use big sewing needles. They are way easier to cut the shape nicely and it flow confortably when your are tracing it down.  

You can little by little make sure the Creative Paperclay® is separating has you trace it down so your crown will have nice clean edges.

While tracing the crown shape make sure you are applying enough pressure. The pressure will ensure the clay has completly cut thru and when you peeled the excess it will nicely separete. 

You should end up with a nice clean crown shape after all clearly excess Creative Paperclay® has been peeled off.

Carefully peel off the template from the traced Creative Paperclay® 

Moist your finger tips and smooth the edges off the fresh cut crown.

To give the crown a nice textured finished use an old stencil brush and tap, tap, tap away.

Carefully tap around the edges of the crown.

If the brush tapping gets a little harder moist the Creative Paperclay® it help you create texture when you tap the brush again.

Use the back of the brush and add any design or detail you like your crown to have. Here I added 2 bold lines at the bottom to give it a more antique look.

Another trick I use to give the Creative Paperclay® a fabric pressed texture all you will need is a plastic bag and the back of the paint brush or pencil.

The effects of the texture will be depending on the thickness of the plastic bag.
For this crown I used a Zip lock sandwich bag.

If you want a more star or pressed fabric look use a thicker plastic like a freezer ziplock or similar.

After your happy with the texture pressing carefully remove the clay and folded around to create the crown. Make sure you secure and prop the folded crown shape with either aluminum foil or a bowl of the similar shape and let the crown dry over night.

Once the crown is fully dried you can get ready to use your favorite color.
For this project I chose the Krylon Metallic Gold Spray. 

Spray at least 2 layers of the Gold Metallic or the color of your choice. 

Make sure you wait for the paint to be fully dried before the next layer. Doing this will ensure you a nice finished shinning metallic tone all over the crown.

Let the crowns fully dried before any decoration is applied.
This project was so much fun I was able to make two crowns about 5in wide and 8in tall with one bar of 16ozs Creative Paperclay®

Now that the Spray paint is completely dried fun begins. 
Grab your favorite acrylic rhinestones and decorative 3D stickers. Use the cement glue or favorite glue to secure your embelliments in place. 

Once you are happy with the looks your crown is ready to be displayed, wear or showcased.

Now the possibility are endless and you will be sure to have fun so don't worry feel free to just grab your bar of Creative Paperclay® sit and sculpt. Now if you have any question of want more great ideas for you to create one of a kind projects or have any questions feel free to follow Creative Paperclay® Facebook 

Happy Crafting my friends!