Friday, August 4, 2017

Making Butter Slime with Delight™ Clay!

Slime is the craze right now on YouTube and Instagram. Did you know that you can make the infamous Butter Slime with Delight™ Clay? All you need are a few simple ingredients which are listed below and of course Delight™ Clay which you can get very easily in the USA! It is available in craft stores such as Michaels and also online. It ships from the USA so you get it quickly! Here are some links for Delight™ Clay:

Supplies needed:

1/2 cup of white glue

1 cup of shaving cream

6 squirts of lotion

1 cup of warm water

1 Tbps borax

Delight™ Air Dry Clay

Yellow Acrylic paint

Baby Oil

You will also need a bowl and a spatula or spoon, a measuring cup and a tablespoon to measure borax.

Please follow along in the video below for super easy instructions!

I hope you enjoy your butter slime! Thanks for stopping by.

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Happy Crafting,

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Cindy Porter said...

the kids will love this ....