Monday, September 5, 2011

Do you remember when.......

Do you remember the beautiful hand held mirrors that maybe your mother or grandmother had on her vanity? They were usually accompanied by a brush and comb which matched it. I thought they were just beautiful and glamorous. Well a couple of weeks ago a very dear friend of mine, who knows all about my work with Creative Paperclay, suggested that I use Creative Paperclay to turn a plain Dollar Store mirror into something pretty like we remembered them to be. Well, here's my take on it. Not what I remember them to be exactly but, beautiful anyway. To begin you start with .......

A Dollar Store Mirror and Creative Paperclay
I then took the paperclay and added some paint and glitter paint to it.

I mixed up the paperclay and paint, rolled it out with a fondant roller. I spread white glue onto the mirror and covered the mirror with the paperclay and then stamped some flowers into the clay. ( the paint and glitter paint were really unnecessary in the clay itself).

Didn't the stamps make some pretty flowers in the clay? Once I had the stamps in the clay I painted the mirror both front and back and then I applied glitter paint over the paint to both the front and back. I then painted in the flowers.

It's really looking better at this point isn't it? I then painted in the branches with the flowers. Once all the paint had dried I Mod Podged some lace on the back of the mirror. I had a picture of a victorian woman which I cut out and sealed with an acrylic sealer and then Mod Podged on top of the lace. My printer uses inkjet ink which has to be sealed with an acrylic sealer or the Mod Podge will smear the ink. Once all that was dry I glued four little roses to the picture and voila', a very special mirror!

I wish the final picture had turned out a little clearer but I think you get the idea. The mirror turned out just beautiful and now I think I'll use it as a gift for a special occasion. What do you think?