Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tic, Tac, .... BOO!

It's that time of the year again. Cooler weather, leaves beginning to turn just a bit, and for me at least, thoughts of Halloween and what I'll be making for treats for the kids in the family. All kids can play tic-tac-toe, and most of us have access to some small tins. So here's a way to use that tin, show some creativity, and make the kids happy too.

For this project, you will need:

Creative Paperclay, available at Dick Blick's, HobbyLobby, and on-line at
A small tin with a lid, like the ones mints come in
White glue
A bit of decorative paper for the lining (optional)
Acrylic paint and brushes
Odd and end tools to make impressions in the clay
Spray paint for metal in black or your choice of colors

First you will want to sand the tin, and paint it. I like to use a sanding sponge. It goes around curves so much easier than paper. If you don't sand, the paint will not stick well. Paint the tin, doing at least two coats. Make sure you sand and paint the inside, whether you use the decorative paper or not.

While your coats of paint dry on the tin, you will make ten tiny figures in two styles. I made five ghosts and five pumpkins, but you could do it another way. You could do ten tiny figures, all different and then paint five one color, and five another color. And think ahead. This could be a Christmas theme with snowmen, Santas, fir trees, etc..

To make the pumpkins, I rolled a small ball of clay, almost a half-inch wide, then took a bamboo skewer and rolled it along the side five times to make the segments. Then I inserted the skewer into the top to make a hole to add a tiny cone shaped stem. Use just a touch of white glue in the hole, or when the stem shrinks with drying, it will come loose.

For the ghosts, I rolled a small cone shape, flattening the bottom well, and rounding the top. Then I used the skewer to make holes for the eyes. Simple as can be.

Paint the ghost's eye area black, and the entire pumpkin black as well.

While that dries, you can cut the lining paper for the inside of your tin. To get the right size, place the bottom of the tin on the paper, and trace around it. That will be almost the perfect size for inside the lid. Then do the same for the bottom inside of the tin, but you'll have to trim it a bit all around to make it smaller and therefore fit inside. Check it before trimming, so you don't remove too much.

For the top of the tin, you need to make a game board. Some tins have the name-brand indented into the top. No problem. Just roll a thin sheet of Creative Paperclay to fit. Smear a layer of glue on top of the tin, then put your rolled sheet of clay on top and trim all around the sides to fit. Using a wet finger, smooth the clay to remove mars. Decorate the top as you'd like.

I made tiny ropes of clay to create a border for the actual game area. I then took a small knitting needle to indent the grooves , creating a rippled effect. I used the knitting needle to mark the squares in the center, for placement of the playing pieces.

The last thing to do is the painting. I finished the pumpkins by wiping the orange paint side to side, leaving the black paint in the dents. The ghosts just needed a coat of white everywhere but the eyes. The tin was painted as you see it, just using Halloween colors. The pieces are small enough that they fit easily inside for storage.

Wouldn't this make a cute stocking stuffer? You could do it Christmasy, or in about any theme. Dinosaurs, cars, flowers, fairies... the choices are practically limitless.

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Brenda said...

I love did a wonderful job with the pieces. What child wouldn't love this for a halloween treat. Great job.
I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

MarissArt Dollmaker said...

Soooo CUTE!!!! This has got to be one of my favorite projects ever!!!

Amanda said...

Great job so cute!