Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beginner Tips

Creative PaperClay is a lot of fun to work with, with any of the crafts you are working on!  I really like being able to create my own "thing", whether I am using it for a scrapbook embellishment, a card, or a craft item to decorate with!  I love being able to customize the project I am working on - to the person getting the gift or item!  As you are just starting to use this fun stuff, here are a few beginner tips to help you get started!
  1. If you do other crafts, use your basic tools when using the paperclay.  Simply add everything to your toolkit to make it easier when you want to create, instead of having to hunt things down when you ARE creating!  
  2. Learn to use other things if you don't have that "perfect thing" to use, like
    a glass for a circle, or a scrapbook template instead of cookie cutters!  
  3. Along the same lines, look at your local thrift shop or go to yard sales to pick up any type of tools you think you can use instead of shopping at the stores at full price!  
  4. Look back at the tips and ideas you will find here on this blog to use Creative PaperClay!  Learn to use what YOU have available, instead of spending a bunch of money!  
I have learned to use what I have available...without spending a bunch of money on supplies that I just can't afford!  Look at tool's or things you have for other purposes - to see what you can use for this as well!  I don't bake much - so I use my rolling pin to flatten out my clay.  I have also seen a PVC pipe used as well, so...use what you can if you can't afford to spend a ton of money on "extra's"!  I brought out my scrapbook templates and stamps, and have had fun in creating one of a kind Valentines Day craft items for my family!  I can't wait to show you what I have been playing with! 
Thanks for stopping by, 
Lynda Jeffs


Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said...

Good advice! I love it when I come up with a clever use for unexpected tools. I should hold on to things more, never know when they will be just right.

Dawn Barrett said...

I wish I had some molds. I guess I should start looking around at garage sales this spring. thanks for the tips!