Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan Tip: Kid Friendly Inspiration and Reminder from Rachel Whetzel

Hello, Creatives!! For a few years now, I have taken part in the idea to choose a word to keep in mind and "live by" for the year. It's a sort of "instead of New Year's Resolutions" kind of a deal for me. Usually, I create a journal, or something else along the lines... but this year, I've decided to create something to hang in the window, to help remind me of the word I chose for 2014. My word this year, is Focus.
Don't forget how SIMPLE it is to use Creative Paperclay®!! This piece was created in less than an hour... Only about 15 minutes of that time was put into actually creating/stamping/painting the piece! The rest was in drying time in the oven. When you stamp, make sure your clay's surface is slightly dry. It helps keep the clay from sticking to your stamp. In order to get my word on the piece, I used individual letter stamps. They left a square mark around each stamp, so I just lightly brushed my fingers over the edges until the lines were gone.
This  project is SO easy! That also makes it a great project for kids! When you paint your pieces, paint your piece the main color you would like it to be. (in this case: teal) and then when that layer is dry, paint a second color or age your piece with browns. Paint the piece working the second color into the crevices of your stamp detail well, and then using a damp cloth, wipe that color off of the surface, leaving it in the cracks. Once your piece is done, string it up with some beads and hang it in the window as a sun catcher, or put it in your rear view mirror! Kids love having their work hanging out and about!

Let me know if you and your kids create a project using this idea! Leave me a link so I can come see too! I would also love for you to visit me at my "house"!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~rachel


Dawn Barrett said...

I have read others pick a word to live by at the start of the year...haha. but it would take me 11 months to even pick a word.

Oh..maybe mine should be

great tips!

Rachel Whetzel said...

Dawn, I never think I'm going to get one picked, and then one always picks me. lol