Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Tip by LuLu Lancaster

Hello and Happy January!  This is LuLu Lancaster and I have a design Tip for you ;)

I have cleaned out my studio this last month and purged things that were not useful. Rearranged and tucked away things I thought I may not need immediately. I set up my work table with stations and what I use all the time within easy reach. Guess what is front and center? My Creative Paperclay® it is true!

My Tip this month is to Play to Dream and to just get your hands in the clay. :)
I have to say that Creative Paperclay® has become one of my most important tools in my Art toolbox. 
Almost every piece of art I create has this amazing air dry clay incorporated in it somehow.
Whether they are full sculpts or small accessories, paper clay is my go to clay.
(tiny gargoyles,pumpkins and bones)

I am a spur of the moment, not big on planning, just like to get going kind of person.
 Creative Paperclay® is perfect for immediate satisfaction. Just start with a little lump of clay and start playing.

(small frames)

I tend to grab a package of clay and just dig in. I love having an assortment of little sculptures at my disposal. I create in batches and let the last little sculpture dictate where the next one will begin. 
(spoon,bottles and bunny head soup)

The next time you are scrapbooking, mixed media, sculpture or what have you, you will have many little original treasures to choose from if you just start to play.

(gargoyles,pumpkins and bones incorporated into graveyard scene)

Let your imagination guide you. Use up the whole pack and see where it takes you!

Thank you for reading along ;)


Dreamspirations Gallery said...

Yep! You never know what will spring out of your imagination if you don't dig in and try. Play everyday! I love paperclay :)

Thanks for the encouragement!


Diane said...

LuLu what a super fun and very true tip!
I love all your creations and the inspiration.

Thanks so much for sharing :)


Charmed Confections said...

LuLu, great tip. You never know what possibilities can happen once you open up a package of clay. Sometimes, having no plan, can lead to sculpting something fantastic. LeeAnn