Friday, January 10, 2014

Looking for Inspiration

Hi, there!! Carole here with a tip on sources of inspiration. I find there are times when my idea well has run dry. This is when I need to search for inspiration. Here are my top sources for inspiration when my creativity has zoned out.

  1. Pinterest—But, I don't just look for clay projects. I especially like looking through Architecture, Art, and Design boards.
  2. Catalogs—Especially ones from museums and ones that have jewelry offerings.
  3. Toys—I find that lots of kid's toys can be recreated in clay or serve as a springboard for a project.
  4. Journal—I keep a journal of ideas. All kinds of notes and comments go in there. Not every note is project related, but I'm sure to find something in my journal that will jump start my brain.
  5. OnlineNatalie Kalbach's Creative Jump Start is loaded with ideas. This is a must-have for all your creative types. 
  6. Walk—No matter where I walk—going from room to room in my house, an walk outside or a stroll through the mall—I'm sure to see at least one thing that sparks my creative imagination.
  7. Blog Posts—I start reading through past blog posts right here on the Creative Paperclay blog. It doesn't take too long before inspiration strikes.
  8. Creative Paperclay—I just knead a ball of clay. Move it in my hands. Let the clay do what it wants to. Pretty soon I've got a real project underway :) 
How do you find inspiration when your creativity takes a vacation?

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