Monday, January 6, 2014

Easy Delight™ Kids Button Valentine Project by LuLu Lancaster

Easy Kids Valentines

Hello There :) This month I have a super quick and easy Valentine that your children can do with a little help from you.
This has been 5 year old approved :D

All you will need is
1-package Delight™ 
a small hole punch 
thin ribbon
a marker 
assorted buttons
tacky glue 
heavy card stock or scrapbook paper
a paint brush
and scissors

Start with a small heart shape.
You or your child can make a triangle out of Delight™
Using your paintbrush end make an indent at the widest part.

And there you have a heart :)

Using assorted Buttons press them into the center of the heart

Next cut out squares of card stock or scrapbook paper approx. 4"x4"
We chose red because we were not going to paint the hearts. You could paint them after they dry or sprinkle with glitter :)

Using a small hole punch create an even number of punches across one side

Next you can write your sentiment leaving enough room for your Delight™ heart

While your hearts are drying you can start to lace your cards with a thin ribbon.

You can cut cards out in heart shapes as well, embellish your cards with paint or glitter too.
Once your hearts have dried you can remove the button you will see an indent in the heart. A little dot of tacky glue will hold the button on the heart ;)

Next glue your hearts to your Valentines ;)

 Happy Valentines Day! I hope you have enjoyed this little project.


Charmed Confections said...

LuLu!! Love this project and your adorable project helper is just as cute as can be. LeeAnn

Charmed Confections said...
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Jess B. said...

very very cute. My kiddos are excited about this project. TFS

Susan at said...

Brilliant! I love it. Made valentines are SO much better than the store bought ones! :)

Diane said...

Love this !


Dawn Barrett said...

I absolutely love the curlie-q tails!!

LuLu said...

Thanks everyone and thanks about my little helper she's one of my grandkids <3 She really enjoyed the project and will be sending these to her classmates ;)