Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Altered Easter Basket Project -

I drink entirely WAY too much coffee - MJB to be exact, just like my dad!  Oh I was never like that, life prior to Del, my husband of almost 14 years that is!  Since then, it's 99% MJB - only drinking other stuff if we have to!  So, I end up with a lot of coffee cans - and hate to throw them away!  I started altering them instead, and with Easter coming up next month - this was the perfect time I could make another one! 

Supply list:  

Creative PaperClay
Craft paint - (I used light green and light blue)
Flower and leaf molds
Scrapbook paper (I used Colorbok 12 x 12 sheet cut in half)
Flower die cuts
Green checkered paper
Small Ziploc bag's for leftover clay 
A bit of yellow paint for the inside of the daisy's
Hot glue gun

Step one:  Put your gloves on, this first part is very messy!   Take your Creative PaperClay product and start to roll a bit of it out.  You will need to decide how much clay you will need for both colors.  Flatten out the clay a bit and start to add a bit of paint to the clay. You will need to kneed it in to the clay - which will make it marbleized depending on how much paint you use!  
Step two:  After you are done with one color, such as the blue for the flowers - get them molded.  I molded 3 of each of the 2 flowers I used, and many of the leaves!  Repeat with the other color you didn't mold.  Let these dry (normally overnight at least)
Step three:  Cut the 12 x 12 paper you have selected in half.  Add one of the pieces to your can, and then overlap the other sheet of paper.  Fold the 1" or so at the top into the can, using a bit of hot glue to keep the edges down. 
Step four:  Taking your green checkered paper, start to make stems for each of the flowers you are going to use!  I ended up with 9 stems, some having 2 leaves, some 1, all having flowers.  
Step five:  Taking the flowers (after they have dried), leaves, and the stems, start to add them to your can starting at one of the points where the papers overlap.  Follow it around the whole can - making sure you have flowers at both of the two points.  
Step six:  Add a bit of tissue paper to the inside of the can, adding the fun contents to the can as you get them!  
Thank you for checking out my project today!  I see all of these huge projects made out of this fun stuff, and I just love my little embellishments I can make for my scrapbooks, cards and altered projects!  I am amazed at the talent of this team, and honored to be such a part of it!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs

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Storm Litz said...

What a lovely project and great idea for an Easter basket. Thanks for sharing.