Monday, March 17, 2014

Painting multiple items the easy way with Creative Paperclay

Painting multiple items the easy way with Creative Paperclay
By Gloriann Irizarry

Hi my friends, is me once more Gloriann Irizarry with a very fast and easy way for you to cut 
down time when painting multiple little pieces of paper clay all a once.

Acrylic Paints
Ziplocks Bags
Paper Clay items
Baking sheet from the Dollar Tree Store

We are always short of time and look for easier ways to get out work done faster and more effective. I always end up with many little pieces that needs to be paint .
Now it you paint each piece one by one you will see your self  spending tons of time painting one by one . 

Since I don't like to spend countless hours just painting instead of playing with the Creative Paperclay
I thought to my self there got to be an easy way to accomplish this task. 
Right there and them I got my head thinking and trying many ways to get them little items painted with out the headache of pinching and painting your fingers all up and messing your nails all up.


Now for this to work you have to make sure your paper clay pieces are very dry. Place all my little pieces on top of a baking sheet and set them near the heat source in the winter or by the window in the sun light. I always like to have on stock many inexpensive baking sheets. I get the backing sheets from my local Dollar Tree Store. They come very handy for many of my projects. 

In a ziplock bag mix your paint and dilute it with plenty of water. You will need about and inch or more of very watery acrylic paint.

In the bag dump all your little dry clay shapes. 
Delicately mix the watery paint until all the items are coated.
Cut the corner off and let the paint drain.
Remove the items off the bag and lay them flat to dry.

See easy breezy all of your tinny pieces are painted all at once and no time wasted. 

Is a one of my best time saving tips. 

I hope this will help you safe some time. Feel free to leave your comments questions or concern below or email me at

Bless you always and let's have fun and create art. 
Happy crafting 
 Gloriann Irizarry

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