Friday, March 28, 2014

Bunnies Everywhere!!

Hi, there!! Carole here with a great new product to tell you about that you can pair with Creative Paperclay materials. It's ComposiMold, a mold-making material that can be re-melted and re-used.

To begin, anchor your original piece in a mold box. I used a one pint deli container as my mold box, and used a strong glue dot to anchor my original. I liberally coated the original piece and the interior of the mold box with a mold release agent, then sprayed everything with a bubble reduction agent. Both of these agents are available in the ComposiMold online store.

Next, I melted my ComposiMold in the microwave in 30 second intervals until it was completely liquefied. I used a wooden craft stick to stir the ComposiMold between each microwave session. Then, I slowly poured the melted ComposiMold over the original. I found that pouring slowly down the side of the mold box helped to reduce bubbles. Here's my partially filled mold.

Now, you have to wait a bit for the mold to solidify. Here's a picture of my completed mold with the original removed.

I cast my little bunny using both Creative Paperclay® and Delight™. After sanding, I finished the Creative Paperclay® bunny by painting with white pearlized acrylic paint. I used mica powder to tint the inside of the ears. and a dot of black acrylic paint for the eye. 

I finished the Delight™ bunny by tinting the inside of the ears with mica powder, painting the eyes with a dot acrylic paint, then coating the entire bunny with USArtQuest's Duo Adhesive. Duo dries clear, and is just tacky enough to hold the glitter that I coated it with. I think it looks like a sugary peep ;) 

Here's my whole litter of bunnies—just in time for Easter!!


Judy Mathis said...

I would really like to pick your brain on this mold making. I have used paperclay in flexible molds and can get them out ok but how do you get a soft paperclay item out of the mold if it is a rigid mold and how do you get the paper clay in the mold? Do you use a liquid clay? Thanks for any info. Judy Mathis

Dawn Barrett said...

ooh, sugary and delicious!! Great job!!