Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crystal Skull Fun and Easy Bling Project by LuLu Lancaster

Hello There This is LuLu Lancaster and I have a little project for you that is easy and fun and full of spooky  bling!
There is always room in my home for another skull and this one has some sparkle!

You will need a tub of assorted acrylic gems
2 styrofoam balls
xacto knife
Creative PaperClay®
Black Acrylic paint
a couple toothpicks
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze
Available at Michaels craft stores

First thing you will do is to cut a styrofoam ball in half.

poke the half with a couple toothpicks

Push the half into the whole styrofoam ball

Now cover the styrofoam with Clay.

with your fingers you can push out the eye sockets and the nostrils, using your exact knife cut a slit for the mouth. This is really only need for a guide where to put your gems.

wet the entire head with a few drops of water so that the clay is sticky.

Once your skull is covered in gems and has dried go ahead and paint the eye sockets and nostrils and a line for the mouth.

Once your paint has dried you will cover the entire skull in Triple Thick gloss.
While it is still sticky you can pop on some more gems if you like or even take it one step further...Cover it in sparkly glitter!

Thank you so much for reading along and I hope you have a Blingy Spooky filled day!!!

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Diane said...

This is fun!
Love the skull!!!