Thursday, April 10, 2014

On Creative Plaperclay® Modeling Material

Hi there! It is Susan from with April’s tip… errr, April’s reflection. It has been six months since I’ve started with the Creative Paperclay Modeling Material Design team. Something about those anniversary type dates that put me in a reflective mood. 

I feel very fortunate to have joined this team when I did. I considered myself a Polymer Clay artist. It is a medium I’m quite comfortable with and have learned a lot about it in my time using it. Terri and the rest of the design team have been so supportive as I learned the ropes of the new to me medium, Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material. Many of the tricks I knew for Polymer translated perfectly, some did not, and Creative Paperclay® modeling material can do many things polymer can’t. It begs the questions – Is one medium better than the other and which is my favorite?

The answer: I’m thrilled to have them both in my artist toolbox. Where Polymer Clay falls down, Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material fills in the gaps. There’s a whole world of options open to me now that aren’t even a consideration when working solely with polymer. Recently, I had to make a decision between polymer and Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material and found my own decision process interesting and thought you might too. 

Here are some the things I think Creative Paperclay® Modeling material excels at and the situations I would choose it over polymer:
  •  It’s super strong, even with small pieces. If the finished sculpture is going to be handled a lot or by small hands, this is a clear choice. Other than one incident with the dog, I have not damaged or otherwise broken a dried Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material sculpture. Some of them, like the custom game pieces have been put through the ringer! 
    See this project here
  •  If my daughter and I are working on a project together I'd choose Creative Paperclay Modeling Material. Polymer is not dangerous in any way, but I do like the more organic feel of Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material. I don’t worry about her handling it. Also, since it isn’t baked, I don’t worry about burns either.
    See this project here
  • Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material opens a world of materials to use for armatures. Wood that expands and contracts, Styrofoam and plastic that would normally melt in the oven, and glass are all viable armature optionswith the air dry material.
    See this project here
  • Creative Paperclay® Modeling material dries to a nice bright white which is ideal for painting with no primer required. Of course, it can be tinted too.
    See this project here
  • Creative Paperclay® Modeling material is very light when is dry. Perfect for costumes and other wearable embellishments. 
    See this project here
      I’m loving the world that Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material has opened for me. I’m also proud to tell you that I’ll be on the design team for another four months! You’ll see a new project from me in two weeks then I will be back in July with some great new costuming projects. Look out Dragon*Con, here comes with lots of Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material costume embellishments!

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