Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easy Butterfly Spring Mobile by Gloriann Irizarry


Welcome Back to the amazing Creative Paperclay® 
Is me once more Gloriann Irizarry a great tutorial to celebrate the starting of the spring.

Spring is finally here so lets celebrate by crafting a cute little mobile.
With the help of my little one we decided on butterflies. These cute butterflies will fly around with the warm breeze and make you smile every time. Ready! Ok them, lets begin.  


1 bar Creative Paperclay®

(Pastel Blue, Green and Pastel Pink)

Acrylic Paints 
(Pearl pastel blue, Gold, Yellow, Purple)

Clay texture sheets

Flower Cutter

Lace Border Cutter 

1 Spool of  1/4 wide Ribbon 

Glass bowls 

Drill Tool

Needle Tool

Clay Roller

Flat Toothbrush

Solar night lamp

and the Top and drill template.

Sized to your desired mobile and print 2 to copies.

Cut one for the Top of the mobile and cut the other to know where to drill the holes 

Roll a clay sheet to a 1/4 thickness large enough for the template to be trace and cut off. 

After the template is cut use your border cutter to give a nice shape. 

Use your clay texture sheet and roller to give it some character.

Place your clay sheet over the glass bowl and give it a little shape and let it dry overnight.

Now choose your favorite butterfly style cutter.

Stamp and cut 15 mobile pieces.


Use your needle tool and open the holes. 
You can use a single hole or the double hole depending on your taste.

Fold them in half and let the butterflies dry over night.

Cut one of each size of the flower.

Lets now grab the dried mobile top and use the template to mark the placement of the holes.

Use your drill toll to mark each one and  drill the whole 1/4 thick sheet. 

Make you you clean the holes out.

Grab all yours dry clay pieces and it is time to pain.

I use the pastel blue to paint an even layer and let it dry.

To give it an aged look I watered down the gold tone paint and added  to the already
 painted blue mobile top and removed the excess with a damp paper towel.

I wanted to give the mobile top some texture so I watered down some of the acrylic purple.
Use a flat toothbrush and use the splatter technique all over the mobile top.

I used the bright yellow and painted all the butterflies and the purple for the flowers

I added some veins and details to the butterflies with the Sakura Crystal Lacquer 
3D Pastel blue and Pastel pink pens.

I added some accents to the button of each flowers with the green  3D crystal lacquer pen.

And used the Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink for detailed the tops of each flower.

I wanted to crate a contrast on the mobile top so i used a Purple Crystal lacquer
3D pen and started to free hand drawn on the border.

Cut 2 long pieces of ribbon for you to thread so your able to hand your mobile .

Now choose your desire length size so you can cut the ribbons out and tight the butterflies to each end. 

My little one is afraid of the dark so I decided to add a special feature to her to enjoy this mobile at night too. I purchase a outside solar power lamp to give her a ever after light. 

I removed the top were the light with the solar panel was located and discarded the rest. 

Place it on top of the mobile and feed the light down from a carved hole .

Now she will have a everlasting mobile night light.
It will go on automatically every night and will last enough to put her to sleep. 
Looks very good at night too. 

Now that this project is completed you are ready to have a nice piece that will guard
 any kinder gardener dreams. 

My friends thank you for reading this tutorial and feel free to leave us any comments,
 Questions or suggestions at the button of this screen

Have a bless day and like always happy crafting. 

Email Gloriann@byglori.com


Sheila said...

Awesome project and tutorial!!!

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