Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome, Baby Card by Rachel Whetzel

Welcome!! This month, I wanted to share a card I made for my soon to be grandbaby! She is my second, and knowing what I already know about how special these babies of the grandest are, I decided to make her a card to let her know just how special she is already.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED to make your own Card:
  • A card that you can repurpose, or a new card to layer onto
  • Creative Paperclay®
  • Paints. I use Folk Art acrylic craft paints.
  • Paint brushes and toothpick
  • Scissors
  • Large circle punch (I used Fiskars) 
  • Washi Tape (I got mine at Gauche Alchemy) 
  • Ribbon and RicRack (Thrifted) 
  • Patterned papers (October Afternoon) 
  • Glue. I use Crafter's Pick : The Ultimate
  • Typewriter or computer connected to a printer
To begin, I placed a ball of Creative Paperclay® onto a piece of paper, and rolled it flat. I put the clay onto paper, so that I could pick it up and manipulate it while it was still wet without trouble. Next, I made teeny footprints on the clay using two different sized paint brush ends, and a toothpick with the very end broken off, and sanded down.
Next, I cut a heart shape out of paper, and laid it over my Creative Paperclay® as a template for cutting the clay into the same shape.

While the clay was drying, I got to work repurposing an old card that I would not be using as it was. (This is one of my favorite things to do. Create new cards using old cards as the base.)
I painted the heart, and used my Pebbles Inc. pastels to shade the feet. then I layered some patterned paper over the heart, with a hole punched out so the feet would show through. Then I layered the heart over the patterned papers, and washi. I used some ric rack and ribbon to add more layers to the card.
I added the sentiment 'precious one...' on the outside of the card by typing the words using a vintage typewriter, and cutting the words into strips to be glued down.
On the inside of the card, I wrote 'we have only just met, and already you have left prints on my heart.' I had so much fun designing this custom card for my newest grand baby! She is already loved, and it makes me happy to have created something so special so easily with my trusty Creative Paperclay®!
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Diane said...

Absolutely precious!

Love your creative mind Rachel :)


Charmed Confections said...

Love this, Rachel. Congrats on your new wee one coming soon! This card is just beautiful! LeeAnn

Rachel Whetzel said...

Thanks, ladies! She's on her way today!