Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lynda's Easter Basket

I really love to do altered projects, or recycle things you normally would throw away!  This project is a recycled drink holder from In and Out!!!  I hope you enjoy!  

Supply list:
In and Out Burger drink holder
Colorbok Watercolor paper - green (12 x 12)
Creative PaperClay
White paint
Scraps of paper
Various punches
Adhesive of your choice
Scrapbook template egg shape 
Xacto knife
Favorite roller to roll out clay
Sandits (or sand paper) 

Step one:  Taking half of your clay, roll it into a ball - and then start to roll out the clay to about 1/8" thick or so. 
Step two:  Taking your Xacto knife and scrapbook template, start to cut out the egg shapes.  (I used one template that has 2 size eggs.)
Step three:  After allowing to dry, take your Sandits and sand around the edges of each of the eggs.
Step four:  Paint each of the clay egg's white about 2-3 coats each egg.  
Step five:  After the eggs have all dried, then start to create the eggs using scraps of paper, scissors and punches.  Create unique eggs for each one of them.  
Step six:  Take the green Colorbok Watercolor paper and cut 3 strips 2.5" each strip.  Take one strip and fold 1.5 - 2" and add to the bottom edge of the drink holder.  Take the next strip and fold where it would need to in order to keep going around the edge of the whole drink container.  
Step seven:  Start to add each of the eggs so they go all around the top edge of the drink container, leaving a bit of "grass" on the bottom.  
Step eight:  Take the twine, and wrap it around the bottom edge of the drink holder - and create the bow! 

Thank you for stopping by, this was a really fun project to make!  I also like how easy it is to use my scrapbook templates to make one of a kind embellishments for my craft projects!   
Lynda Jeffs
Creative PaperClay Design Team

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