Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February helpful tip

Wow I can not believe it but  February is almost gone and this winter sure has been a very interesting.
Now today I want to answer a very often ask question.
What tools are required to work  Creative Paperclay®?
I will answer it but I want to let everyone know that working the Creative Paperclay®
 it is different for everyone. Some artist develop their own techniques while other create 
and make their own tools to work with.
 Now if you are new to this wonderful sculpting medium don't be afraid. This article will guide
you and soon you will see your self grow and learning  what will work and what will not.
I will show you the tools I favor , but remember  every artist is different and have their own  techniques. That is why these are to be use  not instructions , but more of a guide so you can see what you like and will practice you will  learn how to make it your own.


 A roller pin I found this one at the baker section, scissors  and water bottle mist.
Xacto Knifes, wood carving tool and heavy cutter.

 One of my favorite Xacto blades is this one is serrated

Rubber wipe away tool I found these at Hardy's Hobbies Studio

Aluminum Foil
White, grey or black primer.To seal the final piece. I like to used it if you want a nice clean 
painted surface. If you prime it will allow the acrylic paint to cover in less coats. Will also
help to prevent  the paint from falling off once it dries.

Copper, aluminum or stainless steel wires for armature making.
 Paper or painters tape. These is very useful to create armatures.

Flat wash paint brushes I use these to sculpt and soften the wet clay mix. A little water and this brush makes wonderful clean surfaces that will required less sanding once the piece dries.

 Now this bags are very useful and I love to keep them on hand. work good for storage your wet clay or pieces your working on. I like to have many sizes available. 

Now those are some of my must have in my studio If you have any questions or will like any more ideas how to use the Creative Paperclay Q&A  join us at facebook .
I hope this gives you an idea of the most commonly used tools.
Feel free to experiment and enjoy working with this one of a kind Creative Paperclay® Material
Have a bless day
Sincerely Gloriann Irizarry


Starr White said...

wonderful suggestions! I tend to use whatever I have to hand - bobby pins, toothpicks, cotton swabs, and of course my fingers! Creative Paperclay is very forgiving and easy to work with. Use what you have! Experiment! Have fun:)

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Good list. Now if I could get my hands on that rubber tipped tool...