Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Romeo In Love Be Mine 3D Canvas Wall Art by GloriannIrizarry

Love is in the air and valentines around the corner. Is such a beautiful and very lovely  holiday.
Now lets celebrate it with a special Be Mine Valentine 3D wall art canvas.
 Using my Black cat Romeo has an inspiration I created this OOAK Be Mine Card in a  canvas using the Creative Paperclay to sculpted 3D and  make it literally pop out of the canvas.

Here is my inspirational piece Romeo Irizarry 
Romeo Be Mine Materials
Creative Paperclay Material®
11x20 canvas
Cat Template
Aluminum Foil
FolkArt Acrylic Pearls paints  Black, Pink, Green, Gold, Blue, Yellow, Bronze, Purple and Orange
FolkArt Acrylic paint  red, white
4mm Swarovski elements or acrylic rhinestones
Recollections Adhesive Embellishments
Dress it up Embellishments  (Mice and cheese) 
Iridescent Glitter (Micro dust, regular size and Stars) 
Sealer of your choice. (Glossy)
Aleene's® Fast Grab Tacky Glue 
Styrofoam ball cut in half
Here is the Cat template use to create this 3D wall Art Piece.
Print the template to preferred size.



Start creating the hollow by using aluminum foil and shaped to the size you desire for the heart.

Again using the  aluminum foil and shaped to belly of the cat.

Use a Styrofoam bal for the head

Make sure all armatures will fit and are sized right.
Roll the clay about a 1/4 inch thickness and apply over the armatures.
Cover the entire armature and cut clay off with a needle or scissors.
Smooth the edges and set aside to dry.

for the body again roll the clay to a 1/4 thickness and apply the first layer of the cats body and set aside to dry.


For the Cats head you will need to roll a 1/4 thickness sheet and cover the entire ball with the it.
Add the cheeks and smooth the edges with moist fingers and water mist bottle. Make sure you start shaping the head. Form the chin and placement of the eyes sockets.

Shape the snout it should look like a backward hearts.

Make some ears and try them out.

Place the ears on the head and make sure to fine tune your Cats head.

Check the mouth.

Check the eyes placement and carefully set to dry.

The body should be dry now. Make a tail out of solid Creative Paperclay Material to match the template or feel free to just create your own tail and set it to dry.

Dry body and dry rail now you can start adding the body parts like the hind legs.
Easy just roll a Creative Paperclay Snake and place on the dry body. Remember to smooth any edges and use a scissors to cut thru to make the toes.

Repeat to add the left leg.

Again  roll a Creative Paperclay Snake and place on the dry body. Remember to smooth any edges and use a scissors to cut thru to make the toes of the front right leg.

Before you make the front left leg place the dry heart on the body. That will allow you to measure the leg right and measure the right amount of Creative Paperclay for the paw to hold and  hug the heart.

Measure twice cut once. Get the front left leg to size.

Place the front left leg and place the little heart inside. Make sure the cat hug is tight.

You can peed up the drying process in a oven at 200 degrees but make sure the Styrofoam has been removed from the head . The head was left to air dry prior so it was easy to be release to be completely dry. Don't try to remove the Styrofoam unless it was previously air dry to hold the cats head shape.

Now that the head is bone dry. You can add the nose and facial expressions like the sad eyebrows

Add the eyes balls under the brows.
 Fine tune and smooth them out with moist fingers and water mist the clay with a spray water bottle.

Create the cute lips.

Attach the lips and smooth the mouth details.

Here is the side vie of the face for reference.

Romeo is a Black cat so why not give him a nice hat.
attach to the head and set aside to bone dry.
Speed it over the over at 200 degrees away from any flames for 1hr.

The body is bone dry and ready for the FolkArt Pearl Black coat. Start your first coat and let it completely dry before you apply any more coats.


Once the head  is bone dry. Paint the nose and the white of the eyes first. Then  repeat the previous step  for the head by applying  the first coat of black and set aside for the paint to completely dry.

You can add more coats of paints if you want to . It will all  depend on the paint you use the many coats you could need to do. Some paints are thicker than other.

Use the black and carefully paint around the eyes so the white paint will look sharp and the  detailing the eyes will now show. Set aside to dry.

Once the head is dry now paint the hat with Pearl Purple and Orange. Paint the nose bright pearl pink.
Add the pearl green eyes and blush the lips and the ears with pearl pink.
Add gold whiskers and set aside to dry.

Once the paint is dry you can add the details like the eyes pupils in black with the white glare. Add the  freckles and set aside to dry
Paint the heart in solid red. Use white to create the BE MINE letters any accents you want to show in.

Protect the piece after the paint dry with the clear  paint varnish. (Glossy Spray)
Pace your template over the canvas and try to see where you want your cat to stand so you can draw the back ground details like the placement of the moon.
The back ground is simple. Just grab your canvas (11X20) and use a bowl to draw a big circle in the middle. This will be the moon for my cat to stand in front of.

Use the FolkArt Yellow Pear and paint the drawn circle for the moon.

You can add drops of white paint to the edges to give the moon a 3D effect.

to give the moon more character use a little of the fine and medium iridescent clear glitter while the paint still wet so it will stick to the moon.

Brush away from the moon using FolkArt Blue pearls and Oranges.
Add a drop of white here and there to create a more interesting back ground.
Add the Stars shape glitter while the paint still wet and set aside to dry.
Once is all dry seal the canvas with the clear varnish coat. (Spray Glossy)
Set aside to dry. 

Grab your embellishments and Aleene's® Fast Grab Tacky Glue

These buttons need to be flat so you can use a wire cutter and cut the back of them off.
Place a drop of Aleene's® Fast Grab Tacky Glue™ to the back of the mouse.
Glue in place the mouse to the cats pawn add 4mm Swarovski elements or acrylic rhinestones to the heart, wickers, collar  and eyes .
add 4mm Swarovski elements or acrylic rhinestones to the hat and the tip of the cats nose.

Glue the round embellishments around the cat to give it more interest and let it all dry .
Set flat for the glue to  dry over night

Once the glue  is all dry  your piece is ready to be show case.



Well I hope this piece become a nice OOAK Valentine and brings joy to who ever receives this cute pouty face kitty. Here sure is special and will always love you dearly.
Happy Valentines and remember to check our Creative Paperclay Q&A in FaceBook
Now always remember
Take care and we will see you soon.
Gloriann Irizarry


Crystal Bowen said...

This is truly amazing... The step by step details are wonderful thank you for sharing how you make this beautiful piece... Crystal

sllvncookie@aol.com said...

I feel like other lady truly amazing .Love way you made it & showed us how,Thank's for sharing & showing

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