Friday, February 13, 2015

Flower Necklace

Ann here with a necklace I made using Creative Paperclay® modelling material.  I like using this product to make very light weight jewelry.  Working with Creative Paperclay® is so fun and versatile, it lends itself well to making heavy looking objects but that are so light.  It is a great material to work with as an artist and crafter.

To make this necklace I used:
Creative Paperclay® modeling material
Silicone holds of flowers
a repurposed chain from an old necklace
9 jump rings
1 eye pin
Enamel paints (nail polish)
Jewelry pliers

1.  Knead small amounts of Creative Paperclay® and roll into small pea sized balls, and squish into silicone mould.  Let sit for a few minutes.

2.  Bend and coax flowers out of mould before they completely dry and let them air dry over night.

3.  Sand, file, and cut off any extras.

4.  Using some more very small pea sizes of Creative Paperclay® modelling material to adhere eye pin to larger flower and jump rings to smaller flowers.
(Remember to add a jump ring to the eye pin of the larger flower)

5.  Paint dry flowers with a couple coats of paint and then a coat off sealer. Let dry.

6.  Using wire cutting pliers cut the chain in 3 parts.

7.  Attach jump rings to the cut ends of the chain.  Attach flowers to chain.

I hope you are inspired to try making jewelry with Creative Paperclay®.  To see more of my projects and how to's please visit my blog:

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Proxxon Tools said...

I just love the color you painted it

Darlene Olivia McElroy said...

Not being a jewelry maker and never knew about the necklace guide.