Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Building up a Mold Collection - Tori's tip for March

This month's tip - Start building a collection of molds to use for creating embellishments, parts, and whatever fabulous projects you come up with.  Costume jewelry, various caps and containers, beads, natural objects, doll parts, keys, etc. can all be used as a basis for your molds. My favorite product for small objects and quick molds is Amazing Mold Putty.  As you can see though, I use many different materials depending on how I'm going to use the mold.  For large objects, I find plain old paper mâché works best for me.  Experiment, have fun, and find what works best for you!  Test out your molds with Creative Paperclay® modeling material, and Delight™ Air Dry Modeling Compound and keep the molded pieces on hand for when you need that extra "something" for your project.

Links -
Flex Wax
Amazing Mold Putty
Friendly Plastic
PenScore (now called Magic Stamp)
Mold Builder

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