Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just In Time For Easter -

Okay, everyone knows I love to alter - my blog (link below) will show you all kinds of paper crafting projects I have altered, and the little extra's I like to create using Creative Paperclay or Delight product!  Today's project, was so much fun to make, and easy enough when you are just starting out!  I can't wait to get everything added inside, personalized to my darling daughter!!!

Supplies needed:
1 package Delight product
2 sheets paper or cardstock
Leaf vine die cuts 
Flower mold (I used Stampin Up flower mold)
Hot glue
Can - any type will do

Step one:  Using your Delight product and flower mold, mold enough flowers to go around the entire can.  I used 3 extra large flowers, 5 large flowers, 4 medium flowers, 8 small flowers.  Allow to dry (usually with hours).    
Step two:  Make sure your can is cleaned on the inside and outside - peeling off any paper if you possibly can.
Step three:  Take your paper, trim 4" off the top of the paper.  Add it around the entire can using both sheets of paper, tucking in the extra little bit inside the can.
Step four:  Add the leaf vines around the whole can, one at a time.  Add a few flowers on top of each one - repeat around the can.  
Step five:  Taking a few of the extra flowers you created, fill them in around the entire can.  
Step six:  Take a stamp, stamp the bottom of the can with a stamp, adding your signature, or initials and date!

I can't wait to give this to my daughter this year!  Each can I make is one of a kind, and personalized to the person getting one!  Easy enough if you are just starting out - and want to check out what this product will do!  A fun, lighter product, that dries quickly, so you don't have to worry about that!  I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you have any questions!
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 
and Memories in Tyme    


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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Very cute. Makes a great gift.