Friday, March 20, 2015

Kid's Project: Easter Egg Necklace

This is an easy-peasy project for kids of all ages. With a little help from the grown-up, even the youngest artists can create a OOAK Easter egg necklace.

Chloe and I used Creative Paperclay® to make several small eggs. Try to get them as smooth as possible when forming them in your hands, but don't be too concerned with small surface imperfections. They will magically disappear later in the process :)

After the eggs were formed, I inserted an eye hook in the narrow end of the clay egg.

Egg and eye hook
Inserting eye hook
Egg with eye hook inserted

Next, the eggs were set aside to dry. As the eggs dry, they may shrink a bit and the eye hook might loosen. If this happen, just use liquid adhesive to hold it in place and reinsert it. Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly.

Now, to take care of those surface blemishes. We painted the eggs with slip to achieve a smooth, finished surface. Allow the slip to dry, then paint your eggs. We didn't even have to sand the eggs. The slip left a magically smooth surface.

The last step is to add the eggs to a chain, and enjoy!!
Finished Easter egg necklace



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