Sunday, March 1, 2015

Recycled Projects -

I won't sit and tell you I am someone who sits and recycles everything in an organized fashion, paper in this bin, bottles in this one, plastic in this - LOL I am not!  Once I get into a new place, I will absolutely have a station for everything I need, and will be recycling even more than I do now!!  For this post - we are going to talk about a whole other type of "recycling", one that you can use with your paper crafts and create one of a kind gift holders and decorations for your home!!!  

So, my actual idea you will see in two weeks from today - this is where today's recycle idea comes into place!  I love to create unique projects for people, this year each of my adult kids will get a fun Easter basket, filled with candy and things like we used to do when they were younger!!!  And by adding Creative Paperclay or the Delight products, along with molds, scrapbook templates, and so many other fun things - you will be able to create one of a kind things for your friends, family members - or just to decorate with!  Look at those things you normally throw away, as something you might be able to alter instead!  
Here is a few things you can save:

  • A coffee can...or any type of larger can like this!  Makes a great place to put a present, simply add paper to the outside of the can, (or spray paint it), and a few Creative Paperclay embellishments, and you can create a one of a kind holder of presents!  
  • Larger clear jars - also using Creative Paperclay embellishments (or small pieces) to decorate the outside of the jar or the lid even!  
  • Go to In and Out Burger - and have them put your drinks in a holder!!!  What a fun way to add an Easter gift to - or a birthday present to!  
  • A box...any smaller size box, adding paper, and Creative Paperclay embellishments to the outside to create an Easter Basket.
So - grab your Creative Paperclay, your items to work with, your recycled item you want to work with, a few sheets of coordinating papers, and in two weeks - we are going to create a fun altered container for a gift or an Easter basket!!!  Look at those things you normally throw away a bit different, I know I do now!
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 

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