Friday, March 13, 2015

Lucky Clover

Hi, it's Ann from annmakes and the Design Team here at Creative Paperclay® with my newest project:

It is intended to be inserted into a plant to give as a present.  It would also make a great prop to hold over someone's head while taking a picture!

To make this, here is what I used:

Creative Paperclay® modeling material
Craft acrylic paint in green (Plaid)
Micro glass beads in gold and green (Dollar store)
Chop stick (recycled from take out)
Brown ribbon (recycled from gift)
Green foamy clover (Dollar store)
Plastic green Leprechaun hat (recycled cake decoration)
Glue (Tombow)

1.  Mix a handful of Creative Paperclay® with a generous amount of green acrylic paint.  the moisture from the paint will allow you to have more time to work with the clay.  Now the white Creative Paperclay® is a mottled green.

2. You will need a mould in the shape of a hat.  I used a former cake topping decoration, I have also seen very similar ones at the Dollar Stores. Set aside a small ball worth of the new green mottled clay. Fill the mould with the green Creative Paperclay® and smooth it down.  Let it set for a while.

3.  Once the product is slightly harder gently tap the newly formed hat out of the mould.

4.  With the amount of green Creative Paperclay® set aside, use that to adhere the chop stick to the back of the hat.

5.  Cover the hat with the glass micro beads, pressing them down into the clay.  Let this dry overnight.

6.  Take one of the self sticking foam clovers, remove the backing exposing the sticky side.  Cover the clover with some gold glass micro beads.

7.  Once the hat is dry glue the ribbon and clover to the hat with a strong glue.

I had fun making this project and I hope you will enjoy working with this fabulous air drying Creative Paperclay®.  Thank you for stopping by.  Please stop at my blog and check out my other projects (

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