Friday, March 27, 2015

Colouring Clay

Hi, it's Ann from the Creative Paperclay® Design team and the blog AnnMakes (at  My tip for you today is about colouring your air drying Creative Paperclay® Modelling Material.

When working with Creative Paperclay® and embedding items I like to make sure that the parts of the clay that will show up and around the edges of the items blend in with the rest of the piece.  One way I have found this to work is by colouring the Creative Paperclay® in advance.  I measure how much of the Modelling Material I will need for my project and then I add a generous amount of acrylic paint in the desired colour to the clay.  I knead until the colour is well mixed.  I found that a little paint will give a light colour and more paint gives, well, more colour!  Also the amount of kneading will dictate how well distributed the colour gets.  I like to achieve a marble look by kneading it moderately.  I have also found that adding paint to the air drying Creative Paperclay® gives me a bit more time to manipulate it.

Try it out, you may enjoy the process and the outcome too!

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Starr White said...

Thank you for this wonderful tip! I considered doing this, but wasn't sure if would work. Now I know it will! thanks.

Terri Sproul said...

great tip - thanks for sharing