Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Creative Paperclay Material Sanding Tips By Gloriann Irizarry

Tips and tricks by Gloriann Irizarry for Creative Paperclay®
Welcome back to your Creative Paperclay® Blogs spot. Today I have a great tip to finish and clean your Paperclay creations.
If your like me and like to have a clean sanded project you see your self all cover in white and spreading all the dust everywhere.
Well I manage to cut down on dust by reducing the amount of sanding by using a nice
soft square flat brush before the piece completely dry.  
With the combination of these brushes and water will significantly reduce the amount of sanding.
Your probably wonder how, Well is not that difficult to do. Simply dab your brush in water once your done with your piece and before you place it to dry smooth any edges with the wet brush.
Make sure every so often you clean the brush in a washcloth to remove any Creative Paperclay® build up from the brush.  Once your satisfy with the look you can go ahead and set the piece aside to completely dry. I found this technique very helpful by cutting my sanding process in half.
If you smooth and rough edges before it dry with the brush it will less clay you need to sand off to make it look smoother. Keeping the brush with clean water will leave a nice smooth surface for you to work on when it dry. Go ahead try it. The softer the brush the better results you will get.
Another tip is also to get better results on your next  Sandits™  sanding project make sure you gently wash your Sandits™ tip with a toothbrush and warm running water. This will removed any fine Creative Paperclay® excess and give you the nice porous surface the tools need for your next project.
I hope these tips help you on your next Crafting project and remember.
Sincerely Gloriann Irizarry



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Annmakes said...

Great tips indeed, thank you.