Monday, June 27, 2016


I get a lot of my project ideas from new movies. Today's project is everyone's favorite forgetful fish... Dory!

If you read my All About Armatures post, you might remember I make it a priority to try to include recyclable objects into my armatures that would otherwise go into the recycling bin. This Dory project is no exception. 
  1. I start with a jar lid and some aluminum foil which I wrap with a thin layer of Paperclay. I allow this to harden overnight before roughing in my details.
  2. Next, I add fresh Paperclay to the dried form. By working in wet layers over dry layers, I experience less cracking than I would if I worked the full sculpture in wet clay.
  3. I continue refining the piece by building up details with wet clay over dry clay until I get a nearly smooth piece.
  4. To smooth imperfections, I add a layer of Paperclay slurry.
  5. Once the piece has dried completely, I sand the base piece and prepare the fins.
  6. I attach the fins by building up wet Paperclay between the dry pieces. I'll sand these areas back once the piece is dry.
  7. Sand, gesso, paint, and varnish, and you're done!

About Kerrie
I am a mixed media sculptor working primary in clay. Though clay is my passion, at the core, I'm simply a maker, a builder, a creator. Making things makes me happy.

I make videos about making things and post them on my channel KerrieLee:DreamUp on YouTube and on my website

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