Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lynda's BeginnerTips

I love to create one of a kind "things" - no matter what I do!  I love for each of my projects to simply be that "one", where no two are alike!  When I use Creative Paperclay, those projects are even that much more special, because of that reason!  I have been doing a bit of projects using a flattened piece of Creative Paperclay, and I have a few tips I wanted to share with you - that will help you with a few things!!!  
  • When you are flattening out your product - use even pressure with your hands when you are rolling it out.  
  • Cut out a bit larger of a piece of the shape you want, and then re-flatten that out using the same even pressure.  It will help to make it one level and easier to create on.
  • Make sure you clean up the area you are cleaning up before you start to flatten it out.  I mean right before!  A washcloth and water is just fine!!!
  • Look at your calendar for the next few months as to things you want to get done!  If it takes you a bit of time to create more in depth projects, start to plan now!!!!
I have a few things planned out the next few months - using recycled products, so make sure you check for my ideas this summer for fun recycled project ideas!  You don't have to spend a lot on the projects you make - start small, like me!  I am also planning out the rest of my Halloween scene my husband and I did last year, we will see how this turns out for sure!  Thanks for stopping by!  
Lynda Jeffs
                                            Creative Paperclay Design Team  


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