Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lynda's Magnets - Made From Stamps!

For those of you who love to stamp - and happen to have stamps available to you, I have the perfect fun project for you to recreate, using basic stamping supplies and Creative Paperclay and Delight products!  

I have had a tip I always share - this time is PERFECT example as to why!!!  If you have molds you like to use - grab some product, and make up a bunch of items ahead of time!  That way, when you are working on a project - you don't have to wait for things to dry!  

And - using the Delight product on your smaller items (such as the flowers and buttons) - helps so they do dry quickly if you are working on something at the moment!  

Supply list -
Various stamps
Rolled out product (for the bases)
Bakers twine and ribbon
3D flowers
Molded flowers and buttons

Step one:  Flatten out the Creative Paperclay product so you can cut out what you need and stamp the images on the product.  If you need directions for stamping on the product, check out the video I have made here!
Step two: After the images have dried fully, you will need to sand each of the pieces you are working on - to make each piece smooth.
Step three:  After you have sanded down each of the pieces, start to paint each of them!  I started with a white background on the squares.  

Step four:  For the square magnets - start to paint the blue for the clouds using a template!  Let it dry, then using green paint, paint the grass as well!  Set aside to let dry!

Step five:  Paint the flower pot - after dried, make sure to add the bakers twine and a small bow. 

Step six:  After everything has dried - start to put together the flowers for the flower pot - adding flowers or buttons to the middle of the flowers!  Set aside and let dry!  

Step seven:  Paint the basket, and allow to dry. 
Step eight:  After baskets are dried - add the flowers to them, with a bow on the handle.  

Step nine:  Make sure to add the magnet pieces to the backs of each of the items created!

I had a LOT of fun creating these magnets - and they have inspired me to create even more!  I can't wait to get them done -and next up - a fun project made out of Creative Paperclay - flattened out product - an insert from Project Life and creativity!  I can't wait to share with you what I am working on NOW!!!  Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 2016  


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