Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Little Birdie Told Me

I'm working on holiday ornaments. I love backyard birds! This was my first attempt, I love the way it turned out :o) I used the "Delight" clay so the ornament wouldn't weigh down the tree. I haven't attached the hanger yet, I'm using a eye hook at the base of the neck (hot glued in the hole) and ribbon to hang him.

Delight air dry clay by Creative Paper Clay 
Acrylic Paint: lt blue, copper and white
Medium wire
Black Sharpie
Eye hook, ribbon, clear glaze and hot glue

1. Form the bird body, wings and legs with Delight air dry clay.
2. Form bird feet from medium wire.
3. Let pieces dry overnight.
4. Paint with acrylic paints, let dry.
5. Use hot glue to attach wings and legs to the body.
6. Use a black sharpie for the dot for the eye.
7. Seal with clear glaze sealant.
8. Put an eye hook on the top at the base of the neck (secure with hot glue), add ribbon to hang.

Have a wonderful day!

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