Sunday, November 20, 2016

Photo Magnets - Creative Paperclay Style

I don't spend a lot of time with family - we don't live in the same state they do, and we just simply don't get along really!  So when we do get a chance to spend time with them - the memories we make are priceless, and deserve to be showcased!!!  My mom and sister (who live in a different state than I do) came to see those of us who live here, which is 5 of her grandchildren and me!  I wanted to make something for her this Christmas that would be unexpected - and bring back those memories of that special week spent here with all of us!  I love making magnets too, smaller one's made out of Creative Paperclay, stamps, paper flowers, molded flowers, and paint - this is the first one (not the last) made with photos, I hope you enjoy!  
Supplies needed:
Creative Paperclay - flattened
White and yellow paint
Ribbon, rick rack, bakers twine
Paper flowers
Molded flowers
Magnet strip's
Chipboard saying 
Hot glue gun

**TIP - this is where I have said it really saves time to make up things ahead of time, for use later on!  When you have the inspiration, you can easily create something in relatively little time, compared to larger projects!**

Step one:  Taking your flattened Creative Paperclay - make the bases for the magnets the size you want for the photos you are using.  
Step two:  After pieces have been fully dried - sand and paint them.  I used a white paint for the bases - paint 2-3 coats.  
Step three:  After the paint has completely dried - you can start to create the frames.  Cut down the photos to size, adding if you do not have any ribbon, etc to add.  
Step four:  Add the ribbon, rick rack, or bakers twine you are using to wrap around the frame if you are using them.  After you are done with this - make sure to add the photo if you haven't in the last step.
Step five:  Add the bling - the flowers - the extra's to the rest of the piece finishing it off!

I can't wait to get more magnet strip's to make more magnets for my own use this time!  Sometimes it is harder for me to create something for me, rather than making it to sell or as a gift!  This project, was one from the heart for sure, I hope my mom feels the same way!  Thanks for stopping by, 
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme and
Creative Paperclay Design Team

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