Monday, November 7, 2016

Easily Recreate a Sage Burning Bowl

Good Morning!

I love this small bowl that I purchased to burn sage. When I went to buy another one for a gift, they no longer sold them. I was so sad!

Instead of trying to search everywhere for one that I loved as much, I decided to recreate a handmade one using Creative Paperclay®.

Today I am going to show you how I made this. I will also show you how I changed it up a bit and gave it my own personal touch.

One of a kind handmade gift....score!

Creative Paperclay®
Clay roller
Pasta machine for clay(optional)
Clay knife
Paint brushes
Spray vegetable oil
Paper towels
E 6000 glue
Mod podge® ultra gloss
DecoArt® Metallic Lustre
      Black shimmer
      Iced espresso
      Majestic purple
      Elegant Emerald
Dazzling Metallics
     Worn penny
Multi surface acrylic paint

Lets make this!  

Helpful hint...You can lay your clay on the inside of the bowl or the outside, depending on the size you want.

The Bowl
1. Lightly spray oil on the side of your bowl you are going to mold, including the edges. Wipe off any excess.

2. Roll out a piece of clay very thin, enough to cover your piece.

3. Smooth the clay out with your wet hands and/or a brush.

4. Trim the edges with a clay knife. Smooth the edges with a damp brush.

5. Let Dry

6. When dry, remove the piece.

7. Clean up the edges.

Faux Raku
1.. Turn bowl upside down and apply small amounts of various colors of the Metallic Lustre® on the bowl.

9. First with your fingers, and then a wet paintbrush, spread the color around the bowl.

 2. When dry, I painted the inside with Metallics®worn penny paint.

3. Seal all over with the  Mod Podge ultra gloss.

The Dragonfly

1. Roll out a small piece of clay large enough for your stamp.

2. Push the stamp into the clay to make an impression.

 3. Trim around the dragonfly. Smooth the edges with a wet paintbrush.

4. When dry paint the dragon fly. 

5. Attach the dragonfly to the edge of the bowl with E6000 glue.


I hope this tutorial helped inspire you today. 

Happy Creating,

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