Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tori's Tip - Embellish with Delight™

3" x 3" package tag - layered paper, rubber stamps, Delight™ cut outs, watercolor

My tip for this month is to keep some rolled out, dry sheets of Delight™ Air Dry Modeling Compound on hand for when you need to embellish a card, art project, package, etc.  The dry clay cuts easily with scissors.  Punches can also be used to shape the clay.  Color to you heart's desire with markers, paints, or whatever you have on hand.   The clay can also be cut and put under sayings to lift them from the page and add dimension.  Shapes can be cut and punched and hung from ribbon, layered over one another, used to make a frame around a photo....the possibilities are unlimited.

Thanks for joining me here again!  As always, play, experiment, and have fun!

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