Monday, November 21, 2016

Shari's tip of the month for November- Unexpected Paperclay Molds

Good Morning!

I was recently shopping for some new mixed media elements. I was ready to recycle the plastic form trays that they come in when I realized they were an  exact mold of the original. 

I found another to make keys. I started thinking even more outside the box and found a plastic mold off of my cupcake papers that will work too!

 I would suggest that you lightly spray the mold with cooking spray before adding your paperclay. Let the clay dry partially before removing it from the mold. 

I was really excited to share this tip with you. I am now looking at everything I purchase to see if I can use it as a mold. I love the fact that I not only have great molds but I reused something that would have normally been tossed or recycled.

I would love to hear what interesting items you have used to make a mold.

Happy creating,

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