Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Embellishments...

Hi Everyone, it's Robyn here today. Wow, this must be a popular idea! :) Well, to preface my post, I'd like to say that if you scroll down (after reading my post of course ;-) you will find more ideas for adding that special handmade touch to your Christmas season this year. Thanks for the great post Marissart Dollmaker!

For my project today, I'd like to share some Christmas embellishments that are quick, (we love that during the busy holiday season, don't we?) fun, and great for any age group to create. I've been making sweet little ornaments that you can add to your tree or give as gifts but I've also created some without a hanger that I can add to my Christmas cards and scrapbook pages.

You will need:
Creative Paperclay
Cookie cutters (any size you'd like your Embellishments/Decorations to be)
Paints, glitter, gems or any thing you would like to add to your ornaments/embellishments
Paint Brush
Wax or parchment paper

Here's a video to share what I've created and how:

These are super simple and SO much fun to create! Make it a family craft night and involve everyone! :) Have fun and thanks so much for stopping by today!


Lyneen said...

Great tutorial... love your little embellishments/ornaments!!!

Molossus said...

So cool! I love making little embellishments like these!

Barbara said...

Oh goodness, your embellishments are just so cute!! I love them!

Hugs XX

TAXCAT1 said...

I have to get busy and make some! I am going to also use my ceramic cookie presses I got years back (to make paperclay ornaments for the tree). These are great!

Debbie Buckland said...

Might make some candy canes for the tree as the kids won't eat them when they are clay lol