Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull - Jingle

Well, being that today is the Day of the Dead it seemed appropriate to bring you a fabulous Creative Paperclay® Sugar Skull project today!

Sugar Skull (2)

Begin by working the clay in your hands to get it nice and smooth and workable. This is pretty easy with this medium, but I still like to do it to avoid creases and cracks while I work. Form the clay into a ball, flatten it and then pinch the bottom a bit to form a skull-like shape. Use your fingers to press eye holes and tools to add a slit at the mouth and an impression for the nasal cavity, as well.

Sugar Skull Step 1

All that to dry thoroughly. This will take at least 24 hours, maybe longer depending on your climate if yours is as thick as mine.

Once it is dry paint the skull with white gesso. Allow to dry.

Sugar Skull Step 2

Darken black areas with a marker before adding the glitter.

Sugar Skull step 3

Color by color, use a liquid glue with lose glitter and or glitter glues to add color and decorative elements to the skull. Allow to dry completely.


You can make your skull into an ornament by adding a hanging wire or ribbon, a magnet, or, if you are brave, perhaps even a pendant (although, mine is kind of large for that! HA!). Have a wonderful day!

Sugar Skull

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Sandra Strait said...

I love your sugar skull. The only problem is that I'd want to eat it, lol!

Crafty Loops said...

This looks amazing. Lee x

Lyneen said...

Great day of the dead skull... I can see this made into a pin!

Unknown said...

I can see your your sugar skull made into a brooch also! It really turned out great!

Hugs XX